"I serve a congregation of over 2,200 baptized members and the needs of our church family are many.  Cross Connections has given me the support necessary to be able to handle the pastoral care of our members in way that is professionally responsible and, at the same time, faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I make regular referrals to Cross Connection for a variety of emotional needs.  Having this referral option allows us to provide spiritual care for our people in a way that addresses urgent needs and then follows-up with appropriate, ongoing care.  I typically spend between 15-20 hours of an already full month counseling our members, and there is simply no way that I could give each of these people the support and expertise many of them receive through Cross Connections.  

Another huge benefit for Emmanuel is the premarital counseling offered by Cross Connections.  Whether through a relationship with a professional counselor, or through the lay-counseling made available through the Covenant Partners program, our couples receive a comprehensive course of premarital counseling that would be impossible for me to offer.  We perform between 20-25 weddings each year, and even with modest premarital counseling, I invest 4-5 hours in each couple to prepare them for their marriage.  Cross Connections gives each couple approximately 9 hours of premarital counseling, touching on topics that I simply don’t have the time or training to explore.  

Cross Connections has also served our congregation by providing ongoing educational opportunities through classes and groups targeting specific emotional and spiritual needs within our congregation.  This has served to strengthen our adult Christian education program in ways that would be impossible for our current staff.  

The stated mission of our congregation is to be, “A Caring Family Sharing God’s Love and Forgiveness.”  In many ways, the support we receive from Cross Connections helps us accomplish this mission and further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We certainly see Cross Connections as a partner in ministry.  Cross Connections has been an invaluable asset to the Word and Sacrament ministry of our congregation and I can’t imagine life as a pastor without it."

Rev. Thomas A. Eggold, Emmauel Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne



"We use Cross Connections to help us with our counseling needs. We have a growing church family and strong Biblical and professional counseling, is a greatly needed. Cross Connections helps us meet that need."

Steve Schlatter - Care Pastor, County Line Church of God, Auburn  




"As a small church with a staff of one pastor, having Cross Connections as a trusted, Biblical counseling option relieves a great burden when additional counseling resources are needed. I am thankful for the partnership, professionalism, and Christ-honoring service that Cross Connections provides to our congregation."

Lance Stiver – Alliance Community Church, Fort Wayne