"While individuals require good spiritual care during the trials, problems, and struggles of life in this fallen world, they also need faithful counsel and support as these trials affect them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Using their own unique training and set of tools, the staff at Cross Connections work together with area Pastors caring for people in body and soul. As I work with people in the church on the basis of God's law and gospel, sin and grace, Cross Connections is a valuable partner in addressing the areas and issues for which I don't have training. If someone is dealing with anxiety, a broken marriage, difficult family relationships, addiction, or the countless other challenges present in daily life, Cross Connections can help.

The response from those whom we have referred has been overwhelmingly positive. The Cross Connections counselors and covenant partners really care for and serve people in need, even going above-and-beyond their duty. I am grateful for their work. Cross Connections is a blessing for me, for my members, and for their entire community."

Rev. Peter Gregory – St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne

"This is an excellent and well thought out program that is a great blessing for individuals, congregations, and pastors.  It is a pleasure to endorse such a well-structured and Scripturally-founded effort to provide solid, Biblically-based counseling for people in need.  The extensive training and continuing support that are built into the program make it especially attractive for ministry to and through people.  The Bible studies and training programs are well-written and those contracted to teach are very well prepared to do an excellent job.  The counseling services are much needed and the counselors are well prepared and professional.  It is my hope that all pastors and congregations will give serious consideration to this ministry!  It cannot help but support the pastor and provide in-depth care required by those seeking Biblical counseling.  This is an excellent ministry and is a blessing to those who are led to incorporate it in their ministry work!"

Reverend Daniel P. May -  President, Indiana District LCMS


"We had a really tragic situation of an unexpected and very emotional death in our congregation in the middle of the night. I was able to go and minister there with the family and right away was able to call Cross Connections first thing in the morning. One of the counselors there dropped everything that she was doing and came and sat with me and the family in a real time of crisis. I can't get that anywhere else in Fort Wayne or anywhere else that I know of, that kind of care where people can just show up. It was just an incredible support."

Rev. Matt Switzer – St. Michael Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne


"One couple in our congregation went in for marriage counseling. I met with them afterwards and that probably was instrumental in saving their relationship. There had been some adultery and the counseling was very good in them working through some issues and being able to come to some healing and reconciliation. It was probably that help from Cross Connections that kept the marriage together. And they're still together."

Rev. David Maki – Southwest Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne


"I have been a pastor since 1984 and I found that much of what passes for "Christian" counseling is not very Christian. I took classes for Biblical counseling to address the need in our community, but was quickly overloaded with other pastoral duties. I have pastored in 3 states, and this same experience occurred when I came to Indiana. Then a couple from my church asked for my recommendation to become Covenant Partners.

I began to look into, but was still VERY skeptical. What a surprise and delight to meet these wonderful, Biblically based people! I quickly convinced my Elders to join as a supporting church. We have referred many to Cross Connections and have been thrilled with the results. They have used God's Word to save many marriages that I felt would otherwise have been lost, and have helped others find true Biblical self-esteem. We have also used Cross Connections for Bible classes and preaching opportunities. When I talk with fellow pastors and hear them lament that they cannot find a sound, Biblical counselor or counseling center; I tell them how blessed by the Lord we are in the Fort Wayne area to have Cross Connections!

Rev. Steve Johnson - Oak Grove Church of God, Columbia City