Sometimes life brings circumstances that seem overwhelming.  While we don't understand why these things happen, we trust in God's power to redeem even the most difficult situations.  We believe that God's Word offers us answers when we don't know what to do.  The Biblical counselors at Cross Connections share God's Word with individuals and families at our main offices located at 4618 East State Blvd. in Fort Wayne. 

You may have had a major disappointment, be on the brink of divorce, or had a traumatic experience.  You may be struggling with parenting a child or wondering how to reach out to a troubled teenager.  You may be anxious, depressed, suffering from trauma, or wondering whether life is worth living.  You may be seeking answers for yourself, for a child, for your marriage, or for your entire family.  

Our Biblical counselors are prepared to help you walk through all of the challenges life brings to you.  Our counseling staff are licensed in Indiana, or are working towards their licensure and are all committed in their understanding how to apply God's Word as authority in the counseling setting.  See our Counselors page for a listing of their clinical qualifications and therapies they provide.