Jill Bulmahn  


Professional Counselor

Jill Bulmahn is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). She earned her Master’s degree from Indiana University’s School of Social Work (IUPUI). Prior to that, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Ball State University. While attending Ball State, she served in the United States Army Reserve at the 384th Military Police Battalion in Fort Wayne.

Jill has previously worked with children and families at the Department of Children Services and Park Center. While at Park Center, she provided individual, family, and group therapy before leaving to stay at home to raise her daughter.   She is currently an instructor in the Human Services Department at Ivy Tech. 

Jill is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and volunteers at Central Lutheran School. She is a member at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in New Haven, Indiana.

 Belinda Ziko    


Professional Counselor

Belinda has a master's degree in counselor education with a focus on marriage and family therapy from Indiana University Fort Wayne. She also holds a bachelor's degree in human services from Purdue University Fort Wayne and is an instructor in the Human Services program at Ivy Tech.

Prior to joining the Cross Connections staff as a professional counselor, Belinda completed the inaugural 18-month covenant partner training and was commissioned in March of 2008.

Belinda is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Counselors and American Association of Christian Counselors. She is a member of Concordia Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne.

Kara Korte


Professional Counselor

Kara Korte is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience working with adults and adolescents in the residential setting. She received her master's degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and spent six years in residential settings providing mental health and substance abuse counseling in Richmond, VA. Kara is trained in trauma treatment using Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and has experience working with mood disorders, psychosis, PTSD and personality disorders.

Kara enjoys helping individuals, families, and couples identify root issues from their past and work towards a healthier future. She uses her experience in the residential counseling setting to focus on feeling identification and skills to help manage painful, but sometimes necessary emotions.

Kara loves connecting with her clients and meeting them where they are, using strengths and Biblical truths to help meet goals.

Outside of the counseling office Kara enjoys spending time with her family and staying active. She enjoys running, cycling and being outdoors. Kara attends Praise Lutheran Church. 

 Joyce S 2    


Professional Counselor

Joyce Strong received her Master of Science degree from the School of Education in Counseling and Counselor Education at IUPUI.  Initially, she used her training to work in the academic setting providing both academic and personal counseling to students.  Joyce went on to receive her certification in Functional Family Therapy (FFT Associates, IUB) which enabled her to provide effective therapeutic services to youth and their families both inside and outside of the detention setting.  Joyce most recently served at Park Center where she was able to gain experience by working with a diverse group of clients, including those with severe mental health diagnoses.

Joyce feels that her profession as a therapist is a calling that God has placed on her life and she strives to give the best of her skills and talents to those she serves.  Joyce enjoys working with men, women, and children providing a safe place to share, grow and heal. 

Joyce attends Kings Chapel Assembly where she is a member of the Hospitality Committee and leader of their Marriage Ministry. 

Kathy McIlrath  


Professional Counselor

Kathy McIlrath has a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Ball State University and a Master of Science degree in education from Indiana University, as well as an endorsement and licensure in school counseling and an endorsement in school administration.

Kathy spent 32 years working in public education, with 19 years of that time working as a school counselor before retiring in 2017. She has experience working with children from Kindergarten age through High School age, as well as working with parents and other adults in the school setting.  Most recently Kathy worked as a home-based case worker for Park Center in Decatur.  She worked with a variety clients to include children and adults with helping them problem solve life's challenges. 

Kathy loves to spend time with her husband of 38 years and the rest of her family in her free time.  She and her husband are very thankful for their son and daughter who are young adults.  Kathy values her close relationship to Jesus Christ and feels His influence in her life daily.  She enjoys sharing God's love with others, and helping others solve life's challenges together.  Kathy is equipped to work with all age groups as they explore God's love and His wonderful grace He bestows on each of us daily.

Kathy is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Counselors.  She is also a member at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ (non-denominational) in Wabash Indiana. 

Bio pic Megan B  


Licensed School Counselor

Megan has completed both the Master's Counseling Education Program and Master's Mental Health Counseling Program at Purdue University.  She is experienced in counseling children with a variety of disorders including ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma and stressor related disorders, disruptive/impulse-control/conduct disorders.  Megan also is experienced in working with self injury, abuse and neglect, grief and bereavement and relational issues.  Additionally, she is experienced in addressing poor behavior in school by writing student support plans, classroom observation, and aiding in BIP process.

Megan is skilled in utilizing group counseling to address issues relating to female relational aggression, social skills, anger, impulse control, grief, wellness, and family changes including divorce.  While Megan works primarily with children, she has has success treating the above disorders in adult individuals as well and is working toward training in Gottman marriage counseling.

Megan worked in a Fort Wayne Community Schools elementary school from 2012-2017.  She joined the Cross Connections team in June of 2017 as a counselor working in Lutheran Schools and mental health counselor for individuals and couples.  Megan is a member of the American Counseling Association and Fellowship Missionary Church.

                                                                     Raphael B Headshot                         


Professional Counselor

Raphael completed his Master’s degree in Counselor Education from Purdue University-Fort Wayne with a focus on Mental Health. He also received the Purdue Fort Wayne Counselor Education Clinical Excellence Award in April 2019.

Raphael has a passion for advocacy, serving, and empowering the underserved and underrepresented populations of our community. He brings over 7 years of experience working with various populations, including but not limited to: homeless individuals, juveniles, adult offenders, at-risk youth populations, and individuals with mental illnesses.

Raphael operates with an optimistic perspective. He believes, despite the darkness there is in any situation or individual - good can be discovered and used as a tool of motivation to rebuild, reorganize, and rebrand. Raphael has dedicated himself to helping others grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, in hopes that a ripple effect will be the start of individuals committing to doing the work it takes to be a better version of themselves.

Outside of the counseling office Raphael enjoys spending time with his wife and their two beautiful children. Raphael is a member of the American Counseling Association, The Fellowship of Christian Counselors and an associate minister at Greater Progressive Baptist Church.


                                                                                        Crystal Kelly      


Professional Counselor

Crystal Kelly, MS has a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Saint Francis.  She is currently training to be certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Crystal loves working with people from all walks of life.  She is also a Therapist at Park Center in Fort Wayne, focusing in play therapy, stress management, anger issues, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Crystal attends Community Baptist Church where she serves on the Young Women's Ministry team.