For more information on the Covenant Partner program, please call us at 260-373-0213.

Covenant Partners partnering in the Gospel.

In addition to our professional counselors, Cross Connections features a unique lay-counseling ministry staffed by what we call Covenant Partners. Covenant Partners are trained Christian lay people who have completed a rigorous study of God's Word. They are equipped to give Christian comfort and encouragement as well as guide fellow Christians in making Godly choices and changes. Commissioned by Cross Connections and their home congregations, these men and women volunteer their time to support and advise those referred from member churches.

What is the training like?

One participant said it reminded her of the coursework she completed when obtaining a master's degree. A member of our current class shared, "This training is excellent. I am benefitting in my personal life as well as looking foward to sharing hope with others. We have and continue to receive a good Biblical base for counseling and I look forward to being able to utilize our training with others wherever the Lord leads as there are so many people out there who need someone to stand alongside them to teach and encourage in the Lord. I am excited about being a part of this great resource for churches affiliated with this program."

You can learn more about the covenant partner training here.

Covenant partners are supervised by our covenant partner coordinator and work with clients at various locations throughout Fort Wayne. They continue to build their skills through monthly continuing education classes.

How do our clients who have worked with a covenant partner feel about the experience?

Here's what one had to say: "If it hadn't have been for Cross Connections and if it hadn't have been for my covenant partner and her zeal, I don't know what I would have done. She was like this cheerleader for God. It was awesome just meeting with her. It wasn't a task for me. It was more like a refreshing new way to approach life."

Presently, Cross Connections has 25 Covenant Partners serving in the areas of emotions; family & parenting; marriage, divorce & remarriage; transitions and premarital.