"While individuals require good spiritual care during the trials, problems, and struggles of life in this fallen world, they also need faithful counsel and support as these trials affect them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Using their own unique training and set of tools, the staff at Cross Connections work together with area Pastors caring for people in body and soul. As I work with people in the church on the basis of God's law and gospel, sin and grace, Cross Connections is a valuable partner in addressing the areas and issues for which I don't have training. If someone is dealing with anxiety, a broken marriage, difficult family relationships, addiction, or the countless other challenges present in daily life, Cross Connections can help.

The response from those whom we have referred has been overwhelmingly positive. The Cross Connections counselors and covenant partners really care for and serve people in need, even going above-and-beyond their duty. I am grateful for their work. Cross Connections is a blessing for me, for my members, and for their entire community."

Rev. Peter Gregory – St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne


"My husband I were heading for divorce for many reasons, including many years of pent-up issues. During our sessions we started first with what we were feeling and then learned the biblical facts of agape love and what God expected of us and our holy union of marriage. We learned that love is not just about feelings. We learned about each of our responsibilities in our marriage. We found a new way to communicate.

"There were a lot of barriers put up by both of us. By focusing on the right things and what God expected of us, those barriers melted away and found a new love. A stronger love. A love with God in the center of it!

"I can't imagine what my life would be like had we not used the services of Cross Connections. Through the grace of God and his powerful molding, our marriage was saved...our family was saved!'"